Dropshipping and Wholesale integration for Shopify!

Over 30 000 products from 120+ brands
integrated into your shop without a hassle.

Useful Features

Everything you need to start your e-commerce journey!

Package includes everything for opening your first dropshipping fueled e-commerce business.

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Automatic Stock Status Synchronization

The plugin automatically updates product availability in the store according to the status in the warehouse, minimizing the risk of selling products unavailable in stock.

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Photos and Product Descriptions

Stores can use ready-made descriptions and photos of products provided by the warehouse.

Time and Cost Savings

Automation of processes between the store and the warehouse significantly reduces the time and costs associated with order management.

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Intuitive Interface

The plugin is easy to use, allowing store owners to easily configure and manage it.

Professional Advice

The support team offers professional technical advice and assistance in optimizing plugin settings.

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Price Updates

Any price changes in the warehouse are automatically reflected in the store.

Video tutorial

See our video tutorial to start see how use our integration!

Take a few minutes and see how simple our tool is.

Part 1 - Conecting your Shopify Store

Part 2 - Add products to your store

Part 3 - Placing dropshipping and wholesale orders

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Frequently asked questions

Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions.

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The detailed instructions for connecting your Shopify store are described in our FAQ. Since our application is not directly available in the Shopify store, it will be necessary to perform several steps to integrate your store with our wholesale. Detailed step-by-step information can be found in the FAQ section on our website.

Our integration offers a wide range of features, including product import, price updates, and inventory status updates. You can selectively choose products to sync or connect entire product brands that will be automatically replenished. All this to simplify the management of your shop's assortment as much as possible.

Once an order is placed by a customer in your Shopify store, products from our Matterhorn wholesale will automatically appear in your order management panel. The process of executing a dropshipping order has been simplified to just one click to confirm the order and initiate the delivery procedure directly to the customer. We ensure quick and efficient service, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Our integration provides support for multiple currencies, facilitating the smooth sale of products in various international markets. We currently support the following currencies: EUR, CHF, CZK, USD, RUB, CAD, AUD, GBP, BGN, DKK, NOK, RON, SEK, and HUF.

The platform supports operation in languages: English (en), Polish (pl), German (de), French (fr), Dutch (nl), Hungarian (hu), Czech (cz), Slovak (sk), Swedish (sv), Lithuanian (lt), Greek (gr), Bulgarian (bg), Romanian (ro), and Italian (it). This functionality allows reaching a broad audience and adapting the store to the individual needs of an international clientele.

We offer comprehensive customer support through multiple channels: email, phone, and a dedicated chat service on our website. Our team is available during business hours to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter. We aim to provide prompt and effective support to ensure the smooth operation of your store.

The integration tool is available for free to all registered users of Matterhorn Wholesale. Your only cost is the Shopify store fee, allowing you to benefit from our wide range of services without additional charges for the integration.